NPN's and PN's in the Millions - Posted by Florence

Posted by Florence on July 06, 2009 at 13:27:16:

I agree Mr.Butler… The Seller is real, the properties are also real, I just need a real Buyer/s for these type… If they can show a real interest in buying these, a LOI will get things started…and I’ll just connect the Buyer to the Seller and I’ll just step aside… Thanks…

NPN’s and PN’s in the Millions - Posted by Florence

Posted by Florence on June 13, 2009 at 17:34:58:

I am looking for Principal Note Buyer/s for Commercial Notes in the Millions, as well as NPN’s. I’ve got a source on these types of Notes. Please contact me thru email or phone. Florence 912-369-6242

Re: NPN’s and PN’s in the Millions - Posted by Sandy Phelps

Posted by Sandy Phelps on July 27, 2009 at 14:38:03:

I have potential interested note buyers for your commercial notes in the millions but these notes have been difficult to find. E-mail me I look forward to doing business with you. Thanks, Sandy

Even the Vultures are Starving… - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on June 14, 2009 at 13:05:28:

Hello Florence…

Overlooking the blatant violation of this site’s User Protocols, the practical side of the equation generally would be to think this post through can recognize clearly that if you have to come into a site like this to solicit business in the first place - you are already in way over your head. :frowning:

Here’s the most recent clue with regard to the true fact of the matter in regards to Bulk Acquisitions, and more particularly, the bulk trade in terms of nonperforming paper:

Vultures descend on mortgage market

The bulk NPN and REO markets are very fragmented, in significant disarray, and hugely dysfunctional. Though a major part of the lack of functionality of this market is without question the fault of the “product supply” side (the banks asset managers, and federal government have done a great job of mucking things up without help from Main Street) - the so-called “intermediaries” flying all over the place out there have created a great deal of havoc, and ARE a major part of the cost and wasted time factor in trying to make deals happen.

There are deals to be made… and many more to come. But it is not a gravy train for the unwary and inexperienced. The good news is that anyone with an understanding of basic transactional analysis, dealsmithing skills, AND discipline - can do the business, and do it successfully. The trick is knowing when to say “No”, and how to operate at as low a cost as possible in chasing deals - without wasting time actually chasing deals.

We get flooded with an awful lot of crapola on our end, and generally from folks who misrepresent what they think they have. And the market is flooded with people who have make-believe sellers, claiming that the problem is make-believe buyers. Anybody who makes such a claim is clearly not doing well in this marketplace. Above all else, do everything possible to make sure you actually have a real seller, who can really deliver product, and more importantly, product that buyers actually want. Then realize that if you do a good job in that respect, about 80% of the time you will still learn at the end of the day that the deal won’t fly because of seller issues (product misrepresented, seller can’t deliver clear title; product substantially overvalued, similar).

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David P. Butler
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