Nouveau Riche Real Estate - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on April 10, 2006 at 22:55:40:

Check this out. They are actually ENCOURAGING folks to go out and get student loans to pay for this, and as a coverup, take one class in a Community College in any topic. The bulk of the loan goes to them. If it smells fishy it is a dead, stinking fish!

Nouveau Riche Real Estate - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on April 10, 2006 at 10:12:40:

Went to one of their meetings the other day. Left in the middle, basically smelling a rat. They say they create real estate investors and have companies looking for real estate for you , and all you have to do is point and click to buy, but they are really a mulitilevel company run by a couple of guys who ran a similar deal in the travel industry that went under. They want $16k for their “Collegiate” training, but if you sell it, you get to keep half. So, the Collegiate training is only worth $8k? Whats up? Are they as good as they advertise themselves? What about the big bucks some of these folks supposedly make? Can one prove that?

Re: Nouveau Riche Real Estate - Posted by Dons

Posted by Dons on April 10, 2006 at 20:55:09:

If you do a search here and on a few other sites about Nouveau Riche you’ll get a true picture of the nonsense they are up to.

A few weeks ago I was visiting a city in a western state and while there saw a bandit sign that read:

“Real Estate Investor Seeks Apprentice!” and it gave a phone number.

I thought, isn’t that backwards? Usually it’s a newbie seeking an investor to be a mentor. I wonder what this is about.

While still in that city I stopped at a Barnes & Noble to browse the real estate book section, and inside each book someone had placed a business card with the same info and phone number on it. So, a few days later when I got home I called the number to hear its recording asking me to leave my name and number and “they” would get back to me.

Three days later I get a call from the guy who placed the business cards who tells me it is Nouveau Riche he represents and he will call me back again the next day with another phone number for me to call. !!! ??? (It turns out he wants me to call to hear a teleseminar sales pitch!)

When I mention to him that Nouveau Riche is a multilevel marketing business he insists it is not and demands to know where I heard that it was MLM. It’s on many websites that say NR is MLM and I tell him I would rather spend my time on real estate…not on building an MLM downline.

The guy continues lying to me about it not being MLM. The whole conversation was way too strange and I thought, “Run away - run away!” So I did. :slight_smile: