Notice to Quit - Posted by Tim (CT)

Posted by St. Botolph St. on February 25, 2003 at 20:28:15:

Yeah, why was your wife on the phone with them? Is she actively managing the place? If they upset her, the communication via letter sounds good.

All the best.

Notice to Quit - Posted by Tim (CT)

Posted by Tim (CT) on February 25, 2003 at 16:06:07:

I live in CT. I want to give a 7-day notice to quit to a tenant of mine. They are 5-months into a 1-year lease. I’ll be honest with you and say that some of the things they’ve done haven’t been outrageously bad. But, overall, they’ve been an absolute pain in the tail. My wife just called me practically in tears because she got into a verbal dispute with one of them. There are a couple of minor things they’ve done that have actually broken the lease (i.e. smoking on the property). But, all of the little things accumulated have made me want to try and get rid of them. They’ve mentioned to me on several occassions that they don’t want to stay and that they’re looking for a house (you know, a 1500 sqft., 4 bd house that doesn’t need a lot of work but with lots of grass so junior can run around and play — for $70,000 - I said, “good luck”…).

If I have to, I will try and evict them for the minor things they’ve done. But, is there anything else I can do about this without going through an eviction? I’ve tried talking with them. But, it always goes back to the same old thing.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Re: Notice to Quit - Posted by Steve A.

Posted by Steve A. on February 25, 2003 at 20:16:17:

Managing is a people business, for that matter everything in real estate your dealing with people. People are the ones with the $ not the real estate. Real estate is the vehicle.

If they have broken the lease pay to have them leave. When I have to evicted tenants, it is usually because they have not paid the rent. So, I offer them a deal. I tell them to forget about this months rent they haven’t paid, and I offer to give them the deposit back if they can be out in 1 to 2 weeks. I give them have of the deposit first and the other half after they have moved. Or, I tell them we can all go and do the court thing. I tell them I have done it before and we can do it again. This has worked every time! A small bath is worth it to get a good paying tenant.

Lastly, I do not know why you are arguing with them? They are paying the rent. Yes. Sometimes if you miss judge and get a bad tenant you just have to turn around, closs your eyes and keep your hand out for the rent check every month. Talk to them with letters not over the phone. Its business do not take it personal.

I hope some of this helps.

Steve A.

Re: Notice to Quit - Posted by St. Botolph St.

Posted by St. Botolph St. on February 25, 2003 at 20:13:10:

Hi Tim:

I’ve never been a landlord yet, so congratulations. But I was thinking you might just go over unannounced and politely ask them. Or, if that’s not your style, you could even just have a friend do it for you if they are good at that kind of thing.

If you placed a monetary value on it, how about offering $100–several hundred dollars in cash if they agree.

It’s hard because all the little things add up and are irritating, plus the incident with your wife, but if they’ve indicated they want to move anyway, it might not be that hard.

Good luck.

Re: Notice to Quit - Posted by JJZ

Posted by JJZ on February 25, 2003 at 19:19:06:

Tim (CT)
If they are really getting to you but are not flagrantly violating the lease terms, you might consider checking out a management company. If your peace of mind is worth 7%-10% of the gross rent, this may give you and the misses some relief. I am in CT and have had tenants on 2 occasions buy their own places. Does this mean I should raise the rents?:slight_smile:
Good Luck,