No $ Down in southern CA - Posted by Zman

Posted by Jim Pasquini on January 26, 2001 at 24:48:16:

Our computer guy had magic smoke come out of his machine at the office the other day and isn’t quite caught up. We’ll get that updated in the next day or so.

In the meantime, the workshop will run from 9:00-5:00 with check in starting at 8:30. We generally have a Continental Breakfast for folks and there is a lot of networking that goes on before we get started since people seem to start showing up much earlier than 8:30. We’ll be at the Ontario Hilton. You can find out more about the type of things you’ll learn at the seminar by going to You can register there through our secure server, once it gets updated of course, or you can call 800-207-4273. If you are going to attend I do encourage you to register early. In addition to reserving your seat it will save you $40 and insure you receive one of the premiums we offer for early registrants.

Hope to see you there.

No $ Down in southern CA - Posted by Zman

Posted by Zman on January 21, 2001 at 17:34:51:

Is anyone successfully buying property in southern California using Sheets or any no $ down system?

Yup… - Posted by J. Pasquini

Posted by J. Pasquini on January 22, 2001 at 10:30:13:

just bought another house this last week with no money down. $435K ARV property that needs about $25K of work. Got it for $319K. Sheets is tough in SoCal because of the price structure. I’ve found the PACTrust to work a whole lot better.

Re: Yup… - Posted by Share your experience?

Posted by Share your experience? on January 23, 2001 at 18:01:32:


I live in Orange County, and just finished Sheets’ course. I am very interested in real estate investment, but am discouraged by Southern CA’s market. It seems very hard to find good deals that would work. Would you be willing to share your experiences and give some advice? Thanks a million!!


Sure… - Posted by Jim Pasquini

Posted by Jim Pasquini on January 24, 2001 at 12:58:01:

I was running the Customer Support division of an aircraft/aerospace company in Irvine and got laid off in 1992. Bought the Sheets course thinking I was going to be a real estate investor. While the Sheets course is a great primer, as in “See Dick run. See Jane run. Run, Spot, run!”, the strategies Sheets suggests are very difficult to implement in Southern California, and especially in a market like Orange County where the price to rent ratio is so out of whack. Once I decided that wasn’t going to work for me I started looking to do foreclosures/rehabs. Had some great teachers, but didn’t have the time to stick with it to get over the hump and additionally found chasing foreclosures to be frustrating and depressing. I was one of the one’s that got fleeced by William McCorkle along the way. Still waiting for that refund, and am very thankful I have an understanding and indulgent wife. I’d been to many seminars touting how to get rich quick and pretty much got a chuckle out of what they were pushing, like gumball machines, personalized trading cards, closeout merchandise, website development, factoring, etc. Had kind of put real estate on the back burner until I got an email one day telling me how I could learn how to buy properties with no money, no credit, no this, no that, no bad stuff, all good stuff, so I went drove from Thousand Oaks down to Downey to spend a day in class learning about something called the PACTrust. The seminar wasn’t free so I expected to actually learn something instead of getting pitched for 4-8 hours like the others I’d been to. If I didn’t they had a money back guarantee so I had nothing to lose. What I found impressed me…A LOT. I had been using it for about a year, and then Bill asked me to join his company. At this point I’ve basically put my personal business doing various other things on hold (actually, I’ve entrusted them to my wife but with a two month old baby she isn’t doing much with them) I now work for the company teaching this technique to others and travelling all over the country doing workshops, speaking at investment clubs, and buying property. I love it.

I went to school at USC, and I have a degree in Finance. I can honestly say I have been more successful applying this real estate technique than I have with any other real estate method, and even with anything I did with my degree. Not to be boastful, but this is what people want to hear. I made much more last week alone than most middle managers make in a year and had a heck of a lot more fun doing it. It isn’t from a paycheck either, but rather from only the one property I had time to buy since I’m a full time employee and father right now.

The best advice I could give anyone is to spend a day with Bill Gatten learning about the PACTrust, and then put it to use. The next workshop here in the Southern California area will be in Ontario on February 24th. In the meantime you can find out more at the PACTrust website,

Re: Sure… - Posted by Barbara

Posted by Barbara on January 25, 2001 at 10:12:34:

I went to the website to find the location and time of
the workshop in Ontario on 2-24 but it was not listed.
Can you provide any other details?