newbie wants to know what the best start up package is - Posted by Michael Hoffert

Posted by Dr. Craig Whisler on August 27, 2000 at 17:21:00:

Dear newbie, I think you are missing the point. Who is the best singer, movie star, or political candidate? The answer is that they are all probably good, if you learn something from them, that when applied by you, saves you thousands of dollars when buying your first house. If you will only apply what you learn, you will benefit by buying any or every program you can. Each one will teach you many things that will be invaluable to you if you are a doer/shaker and try to apply what you learn. Those testimonials you see on TV are for the most part accurate. What they don’t tell you is that most people who buy the courses never succeed because they never even try to apply the knowledge they have purchased. They are looking for a magic bullet that will make them rich and famous without any effort on their part. You must study hard and read every book and course you can get your hands on and then go out and DO what you have learned. I suspect that about 98% of the people who buy those courses are not willing to do all of the HARD work necessary to put their newfound knowledge to work. It isn’t as easy as the infomercials make it look, BUT, yes, it DOES WORK. I have studied so many different courses that I see no need to recommend one over the others. They are all good. They will ALL work as advertized, IF, you work hard too. If you are sufficently motivated to learn and apply what you learn, and work hard, you to can become like one of those people you see giving testimonials on TV. It is not a question of which course is best, it is rather a question of whether you will follow the directions and work your tail off until you get a few really great deals and get “hooked” on Real Estate investing. Since possibly 98% of the people who buy the courses on TV fail to do the work they fail to make money. Don’t ask one of the 98% who failed “if” the course is any good. Ask spomeone who is in the 2% of hard workers, if the courses really work. YES they ALL work and ANYONE can succeed with them IF they work hard enough and follow the instructions. If you like a course you see addvertized then BUY it by all means, but expect to have to go through the learning curve and work hard at following the instructions. Good luck.

newbie wants to know what the best start up package is - Posted by Michael Hoffert

Posted by Michael Hoffert on August 27, 2000 at 03:58:48:

There is this guy on an infomercial every night, his name escapes me right now but he suposedly has the best start up kit avaliabe. He sends you application sheets and now he’s got CD Roms for your computer. He also has a bunch of people on there who make a ton of money useing his program (I do realize he’s trying to promote his product). But I was just wondering I you guy’s suggest any thing inperticular that could get me started?

P.S. I know absolutly nothing, keep this in mind.