Newbie Question Pleas help!!! - Posted by kevin 23 fl

Posted by PBoone on October 17, 1998 at 21:49:47:

Many of the “Name Brand” real estate companies IE Century 21, ERA, etc… will offer to help anyone with desire break into the business. Just contact the offices listed in the phone book.
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Newbie Question Pleas help!!! - Posted by kevin 23 fl

Posted by kevin 23 fl on October 17, 1998 at 20:46:30:

Okay i live in florida and im interested in possibly being a broker or agent because of the possible buying privelages (comission) and im wondering if anyone could tell me who i should contact to find about locations of schools and im also wondering is a real estate broker and real estate agent two different things? could someone please clear this up for me

By the way i live in pasco county if this helps.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Newbie Question Pleas help!!! - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on October 18, 1998 at 09:47:51:

I am in Orlando and have my broker’s license. Here is what it takes to get a broker’s license. First check the phone book and find a real estate school. I don’t know of any in Pasco county, sorry.

You first have to get a salesman’s license. You must take a 60 hour pre-license course, pass the school’s test, and then take the state exam. Then you get your salesman’s license. You must then hang your license with an active RE broker for at least 1 year. I used a referral service who have a zillion other salesmen who don’t do any selling. Contact a large to medium local broker and find one with a referral service to put your license with for a year. During the next 2 years, you must take a 45 hour post-license class to keep your salesman license. I went ahead and took the class immediately. After being a salesman and being active under a broker for at least 6 months, you can take a 72 hour broker’s class and pass the school’s test. At the end of a year, you can take the state broker’s exam and you will be a broker. After you get the license you must take a 60 hour post-license class.

I know it is a lot of school, it cost me about $1000 and 1.5 years to get my broker’s license, but I have already made all that back in commission checks and savings on my own deals. Also it is all tax deductible.

Also a salesman and and agent are sometimes used interchangeably.

Email me with questions, I did all of what you discuss during 1995-1996.