newbie - Posted by G.Hennigan

Posted by JohnBoy on July 18, 2001 at 18:12:42:

Welcome, and YES, you can make it!

Start by going to the top of the main page here. On the left side click on the link that says “Success Stories” and then READ EVERY ONE OF THEM AT LEAST THREE TIMES OVER.

Then when you’re finished with that, next click on the link that says “How to Articles” and READ EVERYONE OF THEM AT LEAST THREE TIMES!

From their determine which type of investing most appeals to you (Lease options, renting, rehabs, etc) and then click on the links that offers courses for sale. Find a course that pertains to the type of investing you like most and start with that! Master that and then move on to another type of investing to expand your knowledge to enable yourself to have more tools in your toolbox to work with. That will allow you to find more solutions to close more deals!

Also, READ EVERY SINGLE POST ON THESE NEWSGROUPS HERE! There are SIX different newsgroups on this site.

There is newsgroup II which is where most new people end up coming when they find this site. You will find the LEAST amount of real world knowledge on that page since most of everything here is pertaining to questions like, “Does Carleton Sheets really work??”

The MAIN NEWSGROUP (which is were you are here) is where you will find the most valuable information here that is posted by MANY investors that are out there DOING this stuff full time on a daily basis!

Then there’s the MOBILE HOMES NEWSGROUP for making money investing in mobile homes. The COMMERCIAL NEWSGROUP for commercial properties (apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.) Then there’s the FINANCING NEWSGROUP that pertains to financing real estate deals. The PAPER AND NOTES NEWSGROUP that pertains to making money in real estate paper, such as notes and mortgages.

READ ALL THE POSTS ON ALL THESE NEWSGROUPS!!! After you’ve done all this you should have a pretty good understanding of what’s involved. If you have a particular question on something then scroll to the top of the newsgroup that pertains to the type of property you’re interested in and click on “Search the Archives” link and then type in the word or words pertaining to your question. You will probably get MANY posts that have been posted in the past that will answer your questions many times over!


newbie - Posted by G.Hennigan

Posted by G.Hennigan on July 18, 2001 at 16:35:58:

hi.I am new to the site and want to first say hello to everyone.My question is can someone with no capital,experience or credit make it?I have all of the other intagibles hard work ethic,good personal skills…etc.
What would I need to make it?