Newbie First possible deal - Posted by Jack Murray

Posted by Tony-VA on August 11, 2002 at 13:17:36:


You have encountered the same level of frustration many new investors do because the lack Target specific knowledge in this niche. Not a fault by any means, just means you have to get some more information.

I am sure when you were learning to buy those other properties you encountered non-motivated sellers, poor agents, or even your own lack of knowledge (initially) to employ creative solutions. But through education and experience you no doubt overcame that.

The same is true here and I think you will be both surprised and happy to learn that a little book by Lonnie Scruggs called “Deals On Wheels”, for sale here for only $30 or so, covers what you need to begin your mobile home investing. It will help you find solutions to the problems you are looking at now.

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Newbie First possible deal - Posted by Jack Murray

Posted by Jack Murray on August 10, 2002 at 16:31:27:

Hi folks. Im new to this forum, and i am in awe at the wealth of information and talent of the people who answer these post. My name is Jack. I live in the E. Mesa area of Arizona. Im approx. 25 mileseast of Phoenix.I own 7 properties that are conventional homes, and I just recently bought a 28x76 Crestline on an acre and a quarter that I personaly live in. This home is over 2000 sq ft of luxury that i would put against any home. Now I would like to buy others in this area, but i find that all the rules are different. Here are a few that come to mind. No one will finance a home more than 5 years old. Cant put a unit in place if you move one that was built before 1988. Most parks are over 55. Must be an owner to live in park and park must approve new owners. Space rent is downright GRAND THEFT in most of these parks. There are a ton of nice units for sale, but they have to be moved. Is this worth it. Thats about it for now. There it is, waiting for your thoughts.
Thanks Jack