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Posted by cynthia on July 17, 2002 at 17:32:17:

how do you go about getting a mentor?? i haven’t purchased the “no money down” yet, due to the fact, i don’t have the money to buy it, soon though. i’m learning alot from all the posts, although it is ALOT to take in and is pretty confusing to me, i check out every link suggested to everyone, i’ve been at it for a week now… no where near ready to even think about trying it out. especially with my credit and no down.
but God bless everyone for their help.

New - Posted by Eric Ludvigsen

Posted by Eric Ludvigsen on July 16, 2002 at 20:00:52:

I am new at this I was wanting some imfo on carleton sheets is a good deal please give me some sucess stories.


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Posted by Clair-MO on July 17, 2002 at 16:54:44:

Eric, I have a success story to tell you about a man that I’m mentoring for about a week named James from Durham, NC. Yesterday he did his first lease option deal on a 275k dollar home with nothing down. And he gave the owners’ 218k for the home with payments of 550 dollars per month for 12 months with 2 renewals for 12 months each and the owners’ giving him 100 dollar credit to the purchase of 218k. And he is subleasing the property to tenant buyers for the purchase price of 275k and their monthly payment is 950 dollars giving him a 400 positive cash flow which he pockets per month! I’m also a graduate of Carleton Sheets’ “No Down Payment” course. The course is excellent for a beginner! And if you can join the chat room at do so and come and join other REInvestors and you will learn more by asking questions and participating in the discussions if there is something you don’t understand ask a question and someone will help you in your understanding what REInvesting is all about. Happy Investing!!!

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Posted by patrick on July 17, 2002 at 08:24:58:

also check out there is a free e-book that u can download I read the whole thing and whatever makes you mind think creativly is worth it the authors are Peter Conti and David Finkle I think anyways good luck and study hard

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Posted by Patrick on July 17, 2002 at 08:19:26:

I am pretty new to this as I have not made any deals yet still learning everything that I can until I feel that I am ready to make it happen anyways I have the no money down course “Carlton Sheets” and I just have to say that I think that it is worth it I didn’t know anything about rei and just feel that anything you can learn is a + I really like “Subject to” to me it seems like the best and least risk to go but like I said i am no expert and do not Have deal # 1 under my belt yet check out $cash$ post “sub2 thats what I do” on the main post or maybe here to