New Investor needs help! - Posted by Hubert Miles

Posted by David Butler ANN on November 11, 2000 at 14:21:07:

Hello Hubert,

Please don’t take this the wrong way, because I say it only to illustrate perhaps the biggest problem new people have in terms of getting out of the starting gate… if it had been me, and I was a new investor who needs help, the first thing I would say to myself is, “Am I the only one?” The second thing is, “Has anyone ever asked these questions before?” Then I would wonder, “On a site like this, has anybody in fact asked these questions… and if so, has anyone else answered them?”

You see, the biggest problem for most people isn’t “no money” or “no credit” (but we’ll get back to that)… the biggest problem is NO WORK! Most people get to looking at real estate investing, note investing, and a whole slew of other “business opportunities” and for some strange reason, they subconsciously drop the “business” part of the equation right out of the mix… and too often, they look to substitute “No work” in it’s place. So, whether they are truly aware of it or not, what they are really looking for a “No Work” opportunity.

“Victorious Warriors win first
and then go to war…
defeated warriors go to war first,
and then seek to win!”

  • Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

Using this 2000 year old analogy, are you seeking to win, or merely to jump into battle?

If you truly want to live to see the next sunrise, then I would proceed to review the various posts on the different forums available right here at CREO, notepad in hand, and see what comes up. Failing to take this step, you have just deprived yourself of your absolute best chance for laying the foundation of your success.

You must gather information, assimilate it, integrate it, and conceptualize it. All of this involves a great deal of contemplation and thinking for yourself. And thinking things through seems to be the hardest challenge for most people to overcome!

Enough sermonizing. Several quick observations though… the probability of success is higher for the big, the strong, or the swift. If you are missing one, or all of these traits, you still might have a chance, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK HARDER.

If you have poor credit or no credit, I would recommend you begin correcting that problem immediately, over and above everything else you do. It won’t get better by itself, no matter how many deals you get done, so you might as well make it a priority. It makes everything else get easier as time goes along, and it won’t get better by itself. You’ll find the learning process, and the boost in confidence this objective provides, tremendously helpful in moving forward. Take a look at our FREE report, THE CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR CREDIT REPORT, at:

At the same time, get comfortable with financing techniques. Financing drives 85% of all real estate transactions, and 100% of creative real estate transactions, so it stands to reason that learning all you can about financing and raising money for deals should be a primary objective. In fact, if you have any possible way to get it done, I would strongly recommend you consider attending Terry Vaughan’s and Ed Garcia’s course, HOW TO GET LENDERS FIGHTING TO GIVE YOU MONEY. Conntact the folks here at Creative Real Estate Online at and fully investigate the information they have about this intriguing program!

And since seller financing is so prevalent in CREI, you might also want to study the many FREE articles we have on the subject, at America’s Note Network, including our FREE report, NOTE GRADING/PRICING GUIDELINES, at:

As to the companies offering you “birddogging” opportunities - certainly that is a viable option, BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Many of these companies offer such programs as nothing more than a “come-on” to sell you their program. You might be better off communicating with many of the visitors here on this website, who would work out arrangements for you to act as “finders” for them, with no-out-of-pocket “boot camp” expense.

Hope this helps, and best wishes for your success!

David P. Butler VP Broker Relations
America’s Note Network

New Investor needs help! - Posted by Hubert Miles

Posted by Hubert Miles on November 10, 2000 at 20:02:55:


I am trying to get started in real estate investing. I have seen and read that you can purchase real estate with no money and no credit. I have looked at a couple of companies that offer to fund the deals and split it with you or discount the note owner financing it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether or not I should go this route or should I gather the information and look for local investors to sell to? Which is the quickest way to get off the ground? How do I go about finding local and nonlocal investors?

Hubert Miles