New here

I just signed on today and am a motivated investor. My background is not real estate investing but construction. I am jaded by Wall St ATM as I do my own investing in stocks too so I am looking for other ways to invest. I live in deep East Texas but please don’t hold that against me.
I will be happy to answer any construction ?‘s if y’ all will help me better understand real estate investing. I am thinking about building beach rental properties as I already own some water front land but am a little gun shy right now. I am sure I will have many ?'s for the members here.
Thanks for the opportunity to join up here.

Hey Barn

Welcome, your in the right spot to get started. Coming from the construction side can give you a nice jump-start into investing. Investing in rentals is a great idea and the market is perfect for creating long term cash flow. There are quite a few asset classes for rentals that include single families, multi, commercial,etc

Personally I am a single family home guy. In my market I can buy at prices from the 1990’s and rent at rents from 2012, which is a great position to invest into. I recently put a 3 BR brick rancher under contract for $25k, this same house sold in 1977 for $29k and it will rent for around $825 per month

Best of luck

Thanks Jim

I am thinking my first project might be an RV park on East Galveston bay. I want to make it earn a little money while I see what happens in the area. It is the area that hurricane Ike took out all but one of the houses.

There is some rebuilding there but it is slow. Tourism OTOH is still a factor there so maybe I can get some of that.