New Florida Invester - Posted by OTTO

Posted by john on June 26, 2004 at 06:52:12:

There are No Money Down deals out there. C.S., LeGrand, and others offer great info. Read all you can and learn here. Develop a plan and stragity and get to work it will happen. It won’t happen fast and you won’t get rich quick but you will work hard and learn.
Just a steady trek. In hot selling markets deals are slim but there. Just train yourself in thinking and search techs.
I started the same way. Made equity in my home and decided to do it again. Found out I didn’t know anything, but learned alot. (3 rehabs, 2 rentals, and 4 flips later). When I find a deal, I jump on it but they still come slower than I would like.
I hope this helps

New Florida Invester - Posted by OTTO

Posted by OTTO on June 26, 2004 at 04:09:49:

I just bought new construction for my 1st home or primary home. Going to make good profit in a couple of years but have used most of my money in this transaction. I would like to start more investing but cash is low. Any of you C. Sheets buffs have any suggestions on some realistic( No to good to be true stuff,Please)“no money down” techniques.

I would love the help,