New alternative to loan funding available!

At Pretty Gurls Investments we don’t sleep!

You have now found a Non-traditional lending Source, where I speak to all of my clients directly.
No call centers or fake representatives. Your needs come first! Truly mission driven and ready to serve.

What we do:
We have up to 400K in unsecured funding and over 240 Capital Sources. Income requirement is 27K and you must have a credit score of 650 with no new lines of credit within the last six months.

This is a Direct Deposit that can be used for ANY PURPOSE!

Here’s an idea of what the funding can be used for:

:arrow_right:Airbnb investment
:arrow_right:Gap Funding
:arrow_right:Real Estate Investment
:arrow_right:Business Startup
:arrow_right:Working Capital
:arrow_right:Franchise Investment
:arrow_right:Down Payment Assistance
:arrow_right:Investing in The Stock
:arrow_right:Market, TV/Film/Music Projects
:arrow_right:Personal Enhancement Surgery
:arrow_right:Debt Consolidation
:arrow_right:Student Loans
:arrow_right:Health Care and more…

:no_entry_sign:No application fee
:no_entry_sign:No collateral needed
:no_entry_sign:No down payment
:no_entry_sign:No appraisals
:no_entry_sign:No inspections
:no_entry_sign:No liens

What’s stopping you?
Simply complete the below questionnaire then let’s talk!
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