Need your opinion - Posted by Paul_NY

Posted by Andrea on May 02, 2000 at 09:24:35:

Hi there,

Re. the size of the pressure tank, I’ll check with my landlord when he gets into the office this AM… we are actually in the same position as you describe and whatever we’ve got is sufficient. You might ask a professional (pump company?) what is recommended for that situation.

Re. the electric bill… there must be an average per person usage that could be factored in and the non-metered MHs could pay a flat fee? I wonder how much of the current electric bill it represents. Ideally, a seperate meter would be nice, and while the meter itself wouldn’t be too bad ($125 here last I checked) there’s a monthly base rate for service that would make that counterproductive.

And my question is re. insurance… who will insure MHs of that generation? I’ve not looked into it yet.

Hope this helps a little?


Need your opinion - Posted by Paul_NY

Posted by Paul_NY on May 02, 2000 at 01:27:06:

A farmer owns 3 mh’s in a row on his own land. One is occupied and the other 2 are vacant. The 2 vacant ones are 3 bedroom each and 1968+ (not sure). He will sell the 2 vacant ones for $1000 each. (He started at $3500 for both). Both need some plastic plumbing, minor fix-up and one needs a Miller furnace. No problem so far.

The farmer is asking $125/mth for lot rent. Area lot rents in the local mobile home parks is $160 and up.

Now, all 3 mh’s share a well. The well has a submersible pump and the electric bill is paid by the tenant of the occupied trailer. The occupied trailer contain a pressure tank also. The farmer believes that the one pressure tank (20 gallon) will supply enough pressure for all 3 trailers.

What do you think? Will it be sufficient?

Also, after I buy the 2 trailers, the electric to run the well pump will be changed over to one of my trailers and the new occupant will have to pay the submersible pump bill for all 3 trailers.

This is my main objection. What would you do? Should I do it anyway? Won’t it hinder my ability to sell one of the trailers? This is definately worth pursuing.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Need your opinion - Posted by Glen_NY

Posted by Glen_NY on May 09, 2000 at 22:10:29:

Just be aware that in NYS you cannot have one tenant pay the electric bill for any common or landlord devices (e.g. the well pump). The electric bill for the well pump will have to be paid by the landlord if it is common to all homes. Suggest you separate the well from the MH electric services (I assume that you will have each home metered separately). I looked this up when I was looking into separating my apartment services (common heat) and found that I had to pay the electric for the apartment which also included the furnace on its electric meter.

Your question on water volume and pressure (the tank size) will be as much dependent on the sizing of piping and the capacity of the well to supply the required volume. Remember the pressure tank is primarily there to prevent the pump from fast-cycling every time a faucet is turned on (bad on the pump). It provides a buffer to allow the pump to run in consistent intervals.


Suggestion - Posted by Debra G.

Posted by Debra G. on May 02, 2000 at 10:50:23:

I think if one home will be charged the electric for the well pump for all three homes, then an estimate should be made for that cost, and that home’s lot rent should be credited by at least 2/3 that amount. The farmer could increase the lot rent for the other homes to cover that cost. It shouldn’t be very much.