Need Partnership Example - Posted by Ted

Posted by Ted on August 11, 2000 at 07:52:42:

Thanks for the input. Do you know (or does anyone else know) where I can get ahold of some contracts that were good and led to a successful partnership, or even some bad contracts that I could learn from?

Need Partnership Example - Posted by Ted

Posted by Ted on August 07, 2000 at 02:35:59:

I am working on two houses with a friend of mine. We have decided to go in together. I would like to know if anyone could send me real examples of contracts (w/ names deleted) that I could use to create our contract. I would also like to know if a partnership or corporation is best and why.

We want to know how to structure the contract so that it will be easy to resolve when we are ready to move in different directions.

Looking forward to making a move. Thanks for your help.

Proceed with caution! - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on August 08, 2000 at 13:05:58:

Hi Ted,

The only advice I can offer, right off the cuff, is—IF you can do it on your own, then do it withOUT a partner. [This advice comes from a person who was badly ?burned? by partners (?friends?) and it has taken us FOUR loooong (struggling) years working on our $financial$ recovery.

If you DO take on a partner, put everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in writing. Don?t leave anything to chance or to misinterpretation. Also—keep the ?partnership? on a project-to- project basis so that if things should suddenly turn ?sour?, you can cut them loose and be done with them.

Good luck.