Need Loan - Anyone help ? - Posted by Jeffrey Short

Posted by NJdave on February 04, 2000 at 18:58:26:

For very little money you can solicit raw leads, qualify them and manufacture those leads into a marketable product. If you find a good deal, there are financial resources that may be made available to help you finance, or purchase your deal.

I don’t think anyone will give you ‘seed’ money, unless you try Percy Ross. Before he runs out of money.

Need Loan - Anyone help ? - Posted by Jeffrey Short

Posted by Jeffrey Short on February 04, 2000 at 18:28:34:

Hi all…

I am finally getting over my fear of doing deals. I am planing to start up my corp within the next month, but am in need of a little “seed money” to start things going.

My question – I would like to borrow some funds from anyone here who is willing / able. Terms would be discussed privately, of course. Amount would be at least 5 grand… but again, willing to discuss privately.

If I am out of line with this request, then I apologize… I figure that “nothing ventured, nothing gain.”


Re: Need Loan - Anyone help ? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on February 04, 2000 at 19:52:00:

First, do not take this post as a slam.
Now on to what I thought when I read this from you;
What do you need “Seed money” for?
And why do you need it to start doing deals.
I personally can tell you that it CAN be done with NO money, (okay, a couple hundred for some supplies never hurts) to get deals.
Get some deals and make your “Seed money” that way.
I made it my number one priority yo start my busines with NO money and to NEVER put money into a home unless I was getting it right back out.
I blew that second goal only once.
But, since then I did get the cash back out later, so no real harm.
I am now “Starting over” so to speak, and it is slow going, but happening just the same.
And, I am not using any funds. (I have very little if any to use, thats why.)
Forget Barrowing money to start, you simply do not need it.
Get creative, thats what you need!
The info here on this site is worth THOUSANDS, and the FREE info you see here posted and in articles, you should consider the donation from those here toward your future.
Heck, forget “donation”, consider it a loan.
Pay it back by doing deals, and sharing your experience back here.
Thats why you see this non expert, semi newbie, posting so often here.
I feel obligated to “give back” some of what I have received here.

Good luck, and happy investing,
Jim IL