Need Information - Posted by Randy

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on January 12, 2002 at 22:55:32:


You probably need to study up more on real estate investing before you actually lay out money and start buying.

For one thing, I have heard several attorneys say that owning long-term rental properties in corporations is probably the wrong thing to do. You might want to study this issue.

Also, you do not mention your goal. If it is to have properties with positive rental cash flow, you may find that it is not possible to do that where you live. Could you consider investing in areas where the price/rent ratios are better?

Now, I’m sorry I have not answered the question you asked. However, I am worried that you have other questions that you should be asking and have not. I have tried to answer a couple of those unasked questions.

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Need Information - Posted by Randy

Posted by Randy on January 11, 2002 at 16:42:31:

I’m starting a Real Estate Investment Corporation here in the Silicon Valley. The company is in the process of being formed and has substantial capital(200k+).As an officer of the company we are looking to start small in purchasing condos or duplexes with using very little of our working capital. Does anyone know of lenders specializing in financing deals with very little of no money down. On a personal note I purchased my current house for over 400k with no money down with no PMI so I know these deals are out their for a company like mine. Any tips would be greatly appreciated