Need Help ... Retail Flip Forms etc - Posted by ken

Posted by whyK-CA on May 30, 2005 at 18:09:59:

I would just edit and modify the contract to meet the needs. I would make it no loan contingency with a smallest earnest money possible.

Need Help … Retail Flip Forms etc - Posted by ken

Posted by ken on May 30, 2005 at 03:20:56:

I found a seller I can buy his house from. This will be my first flip using double closing. I would like to make an offer soon. The buyer will be retail buyer. I’m in California.

  1. Where can I buy good forms to do this? I own Ron LeGrand?s courses, but I?m not sure if the forms in the course are good ones or not. I noticed some parts are not written for California. (For example, Grant Deed vs Warranty Deed) I?ve looked First Tuesdays forms. Theirs are California specific, but it has things I don?t like. (For example, It has something like ?inspection twice??well, I want more than twice.)

  2. I?m not sure how I should fill out the financing part of the contract with the seller. I?ll use my buyer’s fund and it could be cash of financing. I?m willing to get my own financing and buy, if I don?t find a buyer. (Except, I?m not sure if I will have time to look for a buyer first, then turn around and get financing myself…) Should I just fill that section out as if I?m getting a financing myself?

Thanks in advance.