need help - Posted by Tom Baron

Posted by Ed Garcia on August 19, 2002 at 09:32:58:


You don’t tell us where you’re at, what state etc? Your credit seems to be OK. By the size of the deal, my suggestion is for you to find a local portfolio lender.

Tom you really haven’t given us much information about you, the numbers of the previous house that you’re trying to sell etc? The reason that’s important is because there could be many suggestions if we had more information to work with.

I might consider cross collateralizing both houses, or borrowing against the one that I already own to buy the new one etc. If you would like to call me at (909) 944-0199 and give me some additional information, I’d be glad to see if I could help you.

Ed Garcia

need help - Posted by Tom Baron

Posted by Tom Baron on August 18, 2002 at 19:47:14:

I have a few questions about hard money?
trying to buy 2nd rehab home first one is fixed and trying to sell but I have found my second.
I would need $29000 to buy and about $6,000 to fix. I could come up with the fix up money but was debating on borrowing that also. i have a 630 crdit score and i’m self emplyed for less than a year, if you can help please email me