Need Help on Name Removal? - Posted by J_WA

Posted by Sailor on January 12, 2006 at 06:52:17:

Sounds like you have 3 owners now, & the new wife w/also have to sign off on the property. Find a GOOD attorney & get your free 1/2 hour consult, then do what needs to be done immediately. Don’t wait for the newlyweds to have their 1st fight.


Need Help on Name Removal? - Posted by J_WA

Posted by J_WA on January 11, 2006 at 23:27:13:

My brother and I are both named on the house title that we have bought 3 years ago. He was single at the time he jointed w/ me on the house. Now he is married and I wants to remove his name from the house. What is the easy and simple way to remove his name from the title? Will the Quit Claim Deed take care of this title removal? I live in the state of Wa, under the Community Property.

Re: Need Help on Name Removal? - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on January 13, 2006 at 07:31:53:

You failed to mention whether your brother WANTS to be off title.

If he does, you are rolling the ball downhill.

If he does not, you cannot unilaterally remove him. You have a big hassle in front of you.

and your new sister-in-law might be a problem, too, but perhaps is a less than obvious way. the property as in your brother’s name before he maried, which makes it his separate property (unless he executed s prenup or other agreement with her that vested her with ownership rights). However, if there is a mortgage, and f he has been using his income to make mortgage payments, insurance payments, etc, the marital community has earned a piece of the property (or a right for reimbursement–depending on how WA law works).

see an attorney