Need help in N.C. - Posted by Trisha

Posted by Troy W.(NC) on July 23, 2001 at 07:02:47:

Trisha, I’m in Hope Mills, NC. I have done some wholesale and I strictly use realtors, my attorney does my title checks. You will need an attorney to do flips. With the realtors use the script that Ron teaches and let them know you are serious. Use the Purchase and Sale that is in the book. Use the examples in the book. Trisha, just trust me I was in your shoes back in March and I follow the book exactly as Ron teaches and got the deal done. Just don’t try to change things otherwise you will be taking a seminar.


Need help in N.C. - Posted by Trisha

Posted by Trisha on July 22, 2001 at 19:08:37:

I bought Ron LeGrands course in wholesailing. I am now ready to get started. I live in N.C. and need to know a few things re the laws. Is using a realtor the best route to go, Who does the title check, will I need an attorney to do flips for a while… I would like to talk with other N.C investors to see how they are doing. I need all the advice I can get being a newbie and all. Also what is the best way to approach the realtor so that they will take me seriously as far as getting them to pull listings for me? What kind of contract do I use and what should I put in it that awill be beneficial for me for wholesailing purposes? Please help everyone.