Need Help; First time at Bat - Posted by RW

Posted by Paul on July 20, 2001 at 15:43:58:

Make an offer contingent on getting what ever type of financing you’ll need to purchase the property. This will tie up the property while you get your “ducks in row” as you called it. Good luck!

Need Help; First time at Bat - Posted by RW

Posted by RW on July 18, 2001 at 22:26:53:

I need Help, First time at Bat:

I am trying to acquire a property in a State 1700 miles away but I have a son that lives nearby who informed me of the property. The property is in a historical district and we are told that there is grant money for fix-up. I have no idea yet how much or how it works. Hope someone has had experience in that area. Price at $40,000 . It was built in 1888, brick, 3 story, 5-6 BR 2 Baths, three story, par basement, 50 x 150 lot. Current owner has about 8,000 in equity and has no interest in doing a lease option. He wants cash and out.
I own free an clear a small single family home in a neighboring State about 300 miles from the property. It only worth about $35,000. My second line of thinking was to put some kind of equity loan together but time is of the essence. My fears are that by the time I get my ducks in row, it will be too late to shoot and the property will be long gone. HELP
My advance thanks