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Posted by Bill Gatten on March 23, 2001 at 11:53:48:


You’re right. Ol’ (?If you’re gonna take me on, you better bring a sack lunch…cause it’ll take all day?) Big Ed is known to administer lead treatments, Bugsy Siegel style, to those he deems needy enough (right b’twixt the eye sockets) …‘doesn’t pull too many punches, our Ed. If he tells you the Sun ain’t comin’ up tomorrow…you best pick up a case of candles.

Funny you should mention Tony Hoffman, Bud, 'would you believe I have a meeting with him set up for next Wednesday? All he does now is infomercial production, and according to one a mutual business associate who set up the meeting, he thinks he can cash in on the PACTrust™ big time (…um…like he did with the Flow Bee, the Dyna Bee and the O.J. Simpson video?).

And re. my idol, Paul Simon, his former 50:50 partner and trainer is one of our California Network Members, and plied me with the real scoop on Paul: his success, failures and current whereabouts…he’s in Kansas (like all the really big ones, he got his snorkel in a ringer with the IRS the BK courts and is now about as wealthy as he was when he started out).

Joe Land…my son used to work for him…singularly the BEST pitch man I’ve ever watched work in my life (Kind’ve like a larger and more dapper Zig Siglar with nice shoes).

Schaub…he and I shared the cover of Creative Real Estate Magazine with Bill Bronchik, A.D. Kessler. Bernie Zick, Ted Thomas, Bruce Norris and Scott Britton a year or so ago (if we’re talkin’ bout the same Schaub?I don?t know him). I’m the one in there whose picture looks like a bug just flew in my ear.

Robert Allen…'met with him a few months and have another luncheon meeting with him in May.

Do I run in the weird gutters, or what?

Bill Gatten

need good realestate investing program - Posted by Geneva

Posted by Geneva on March 22, 2001 at 19:21:02:

Dear friends, my husband and I are very new to the world of realestate, we badly want to get started, which do you feel is the best course to order that is quite simple and, easy to understand, which will in-turn teach us all we need to know about buying & selling with no money down etc. thank you

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Posted by Terry Vaughan on March 23, 2001 at 24:56:13:

The least expensive way to find out what area of investing you might be interested in. Equal to a week long seminar for FREE!!

Posted by JohnBoy on March 09, 2001 at 12:21:25:

In Reply to: HOW DO I START IN REAL ESTATE INVESTING posted by THOMAS on March 09, 2001 at 11:57:28:

Start by going to the top of the main page here. On the left side click on the link that says “Success Stories” and then READ EVERY ONE OF THEM AT LEAST THREE TIMES OVER.

Then when you’re finished with that, next click on the link that says “How to Articles” and READ EVERYONE OF THEM AT LEAST THREE TIMES!

From their determine which type of investing most appeals to you (Lease options, renting, rehabs, etc) and then click on the links that offers courses for sale. Find a course that pertains to the type of investing you like most and start with that! Master that and then move on to another type of investing to expand your knowledge to enable yourself to have more tools in your toolbox to work with. That will allow you to find more solutions to close more deals!

Also, READ EVERY SINGLE POST ON THESE NEWSGROUPS HERE! There are SIX different newsgroups on this site.

You are on the newsgroup II which is where most new people end up coming when they find this site. You will find the LEAST amount of real world knowledge on this page since most of everything here is pertaining to questions like, “Does Carleton Sheets really work??”

The MAIN NEWSGROUP is where you will find the most valuable information here that is posted by MANY investors that are out there DOING this stuff full time on a daily basis!

Then there’s the MOBILE HOMES NEWSGROUP for making money investing in mobile homes. The COMMERCIAL NEWSGROUP for commercial properties (apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.) Then there’s the FINANCING NEWSGROUP that pertains to financing real estate deals. The PAPER AND NOTES NEWSGROUP that pertains to making money in real estate paper, such as notes and mortgages.

READ ALL THE POSTS ON ALL THESE NEWSGROUPS!!! After you’ve done all this you should have a pretty good understanding of what’s involved. If you have a particular question on something then scroll to the top of the newsgroup that pertains to the type of property you’re interested in and click on “Search the Archives” link and then type in the word or words pertaining to your question. You will probably get MANY posts that have been posted in the past that will answer your questions many times over!


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Posted by JPiper on March 22, 2001 at 21:04:30:

Here’s a piece of advice: there is no one course that will tell you everything you need to know. So don’t look for it.

Instead, do as Sue suggests…buy the books she recommends. Read them. When you’re done, read all the How To Articles on this site. Once your’e through with all of that…you should have a better idea of what area you are interested in. Buy a course in that area.


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Posted by SueC on March 22, 2001 at 20:47:57:

You can also start with some books, there are many good ones, and less expensive if you are still determining whether this is for you. I alwayx recommend 5 Magic Paths To Making A Fortune in Real Estate by James Lumley, I think it has at least a taste and lots of detail on many areas you might consider working in. It’s available on Amazon for under $15.

Also read Nothing Down For The 90’s, by Robert Allen, a good one to keep on your shelf.

Both of these books are VERY easy to understand for beginners, but also inlucde enough detail that you can get a feel for what’s involved in more sophisticated REI.

You’ll need a lot of education, there isn’t really any one way to “learn all you need to know” - it’s a process. Good luck!

Sue Caskey

Re: need good realestate investing program - Posted by Bill Gatten

Posted by Bill Gatten on March 22, 2001 at 19:50:40:

Ed Garcia recommends Russ Whitney, but I am personally partial to Del Dado, Vu and Mc Corkle. Just kidding…(a little humor there at Garcia’s expense).
The various courses sponsored by CREOnline are all excellent, or they wouldn’t be sponsored by CREOnline.
For lease options, I recommend Bronchik and Joe Kaiser
For land trusts, I recommened Bill Bronchik, Ron Le Grand and Louis Brown (…for those of you who are wondering…the PT is not sold through CREO)
For general overall knowledge…at the Newbie level…I might even (cough, choke) recommend (cough, cough) Carleton Sheets…even though you could get the same info by buying an old copy of Robert Allen’s “The Challenge” and “Nothing Down,” or A.D. Kessler’s “A Fortune at your Feet.” But if you want the tapes to listen to (if you’re audial instead of visual), along with check off sheets, charts and graphs and old ideas that still work…it’s Sheets.
Bill Gatten

Re: BEST ANSWER IN LAST FIVE YEARS!!! - Posted by Mark (Texas)

Posted by Mark (Texas) on March 24, 2001 at 24:22:41:

WOW! What great advice! I have been advising every newbie I come across to go to CREONLINE.COM and read the success stories, and then go on from there. I guess I will now send them this response as an e-mail as well! Great!

Caution - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on March 23, 2001 at 09:18:34:

Hey Bill, Ed may be sensitive to the use of his name in a jestfull way. Not to say anything about Russ but I heard he is handy with a meat cleaver. You left out your favorite, Paul Simon, the Milans and Al Lowry. Or maybe Joe Land, Wayne Phillips, Phil Drummond, Tony Hoffman(my favorite), Santucci, Schaub, Taucher and a dozen more.