National REI Mag, Free subscription - Posted by S. Hayworth

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on August 06, 2002 at 17:08:41:

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I used to subscribe, let it lapse.

This is aimed at the multi-million dollar property crowd. Those who would be getting big commercial property loans from the lenders who advertise there. Who might hire big property management firms that advertise there.

I found there to be little substance in the magazine, at least for the small time investor. They have two or three pieces each month on some property ownership or development company. Really mostly puff pieces where all the executives get their names in print.

There is more substance to their discussion of mortgages and mortgage pass through conduits and that sort of thing, but no use to the small time investor, in my view. Maybe I’m missing some great indicator that will prove invaluable to you. But I found nothing there for me.

They do some area reports on what is happening with commercial, industrial, and apartment real estate in a city or part of a state. They talk about vacancy rates, $/ sq ft rental rates, sales of some huge buildings, where there is growth going on, with new buildings being built. This I found to be of no help to me. But, it might give you some insight into some region’s economic circumstances.

If I wanted to read it, the last I knew, there was a copy of the latest issue at either the Alameda County or the Oakland City Public Library. I have not bothered to read it for several years.

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National REI Mag, Free subscription - Posted by S. Hayworth

Posted by S. Hayworth on August 06, 2002 at 10:01:33:

Does anyone out there subscribe to the “National Real Estate Investor Magazine”? I’m just wondering if this is a legit publication or not. They are offering a free subscription on

Any recommendations on other real estate investing/real estate magazines?