My realtor is a slacker! - Posted by GJK

Posted by karp on November 13, 1998 at 08:41:22:

Don’t be too rash in this decision.
There are other ways to get interest going rather than a L/O. You must first assess what your needs are as far as this house is concerned.
Are you a true “don’t wanter”?
Do you need the cash from your equity?
How long have you been trying to sell?
In what kind of market?

As to whether your real-uh-tur will be paid, my guess is you filled out a standard list agreement with him so the answer would be -yes.

On the other hand, I am not sure when your agreement with him expires and you can fire him.

First sensible move? Review the contract with the real-uh-tur and give us feedback. Once we know that, you can see if you can relist with someone else, offering a favorable spread to the buyer’s agent side…etc, etc…

BTW, as far as my Generation X slant goes, “slacker” is a good thing. I wear it with pride. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fire the ZERO who has your house and come up with a plan B…

Report back w/ more info whenever you can.


aka Karl Hartley

My realtor is a slacker! - Posted by GJK

Posted by GJK on November 13, 1998 at 07:35:12:

I am a absentee owner some 1000 miles from my house.

My realtor is a slacker. In otherwords the house is not getting much exposure.

I am considering a Lease Option to get things going.

Will the broker participate in his/her commision if I
Lease Option the property myself.

What would be my first sensible move?

My realtor is a slacker! Really? - Posted by Soapymac

Posted by Soapymac on November 14, 1998 at 20:11:12:

Would you be kind enough to relate why you think s/he is a slacker?

Who set the price for your home? How was it set? How long is your agreement with the realtor for?

What condition is your home in? Where is it located? What have other homes like yours sold for? (Not LISTED FOR — SOLD FOR.)

How many times did the realtor show your home? Were there any “Open House” displays of your home?

If you can report back as much of your experience as possible, maybe we can help. I would not expect an answer to every question that I asked. However, the questions you answer would give us some idea of your situation.