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Mr. Garcia - Posted by JohnBoy

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I?m flattered by your post thanking me for my small part in contributing to this site. I take that as quite a compliment coming from you, THANK YOU.

Ed, I must tell you though, it is YOU that I thank for being here. You Sir, are that one in a million, indeed!

How on earth you find the time and energy to do all the things you do to help so many people is way beyond my comprehension. Here we have an extremely successful businessman, real estate investor and family man that I know has more than enough business and deals of his own going on in his own life and yet he makes and takes the time to help so many people when he could spend that valuable time enjoying the fruits of his labor doing other things for himself. Yet, in spite of everything, he so willingly and freely gives of his time to help others in any way he can so they too, can make a better life for themselves.

If taking the time to respond to people here isn?t enough, here?s a man that so freely gives out his phone number for all the world to see, so they can call him personally with any questions and obtain help they made need. In addition to that, he then travels around putting on a workshop so he can personally teach people wanting to better improve their lives by teaching them first hand, how to go out in the world and make their dreams become a reality. Then to top it all off, he commits to hosting this newsgroup which can be a full time job in itself to further reach out and teach these people everything he knows about financing and deal structuring. Anyone, who knows you Ed, knows that this isn?t for money as to why you do these things, because I know you certainly don?t need it from doing this. This is something that truly comes from the heart! You are the true difinition of being a Man!

Just imagine what kind of world we would live in today if only we had more Ed Garcia?s around that cared about helping people making their lives better by giving so freely of themselves as you do! What a world it would be too!

You, Mr. Garcia, have my UTMOST RESPECT as a human being and I consider it a privilege to be able to call you my, friend.

It is I, who THANKS YOU, for being you and what you stand for.

THANK YOU, Mr. Garcia.

Your friend,


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