Moving - Posted by simonbs

Posted by Dan on September 26, 2001 at 24:36:16:

When I changed my email address I unsubscribed the old address from the CRE mail lists and then signed up with the new one later.

That took care of notices via email.

As far as this forum goes…If my understanding of Forum Registration is correct you will probably not have to do anything else to log back on to the forum than sign up fresh.

All in all it should be pretty easy. (Note: I would include URLs for you but I don’t like forcing anyone to cut, copy and paste URLs when they could be spending their valuable time investing in real estate. -HEE- )

(see for more on this humor)

Moving - Posted by simonbs

Posted by simonbs on September 26, 2001 at 24:15:54:

Just gave my two week notice today. I’m moving from NW FL to Central AL. My old email will be shut down. I’ll have a new one besides the Army one, but it is a stand by that I can use until that time. I’m not going cold turkey, I’m getting another JOB. Probably in LE still (so I’ll be able to quote AL statutes now instead of FL statutes). Don’t know if anyone cares, just thought I’d make an announcement.

Thanks, Bryan.

P.S. To the Vaughns - do I need to do anything with my registration, i.e. regegister or change the existing one?