Moving a House! Need help! - Posted by SRobertson

Posted by Anne-ND on October 30, 2000 at 08:00:45:


Moving a House! Need help! - Posted by SRobertson

Posted by SRobertson on October 29, 2000 at 14:53:09:

Someone GAVE me a house they owned. (They need more parking for their business).

I have found a lot a few blocks away it could be put on.

What next? Anyone done this before? What do I need to be cautious with?


Re: Moving a House - Posted by steph in tex

Posted by steph in tex on October 30, 2000 at 07:04:12:


Here are some things to watch out for, but if the lot is close by, it should be easy. I’m in Texas, so depending where you are things may be different…but:

Watch out for the siding construction. If it is asbestos, it can cause you trouble. You then may have to have the house encapsulated before you move it. Check with you local laws regarding asbestos if that’s the case.

The cost of moving a small house is about 10K were I am. Shop around. I was able to find a crew that would do it for 8K.

Power lines are an additional fee. Every one they have to move cost me 100 smacks. They just pick it up, drive the house under and put it back, but boy this can add up quick.

Insurance. Insurance. Insurance. Make sure who ever you use is insured for cargo as well as liability.

Trees are a biggie in Texas. You have to get a city permit to do anything to a tree besides trim it. If you have any large trees that need to be removed, check that out.

See if your mover will do your set-up, or pier work. Some do, some don’t here. You gotta have something to sit your house on.

If your just moving down the street, this is not important, but if you ever move something across a county line, you may find the rig and your house sitting overnight until the next day. Strange, but is a requirement here, has to do with permits and such. Again, make sure there is vandalism coverage just in case.

I’m sure there is stuff I’m forgetting. Feel free to email me if you can think of anything else! Good luck.

steph in tex

Re: Moving a House! You DO Need help! - Posted by Ginger Harris

Posted by Ginger Harris on October 29, 2000 at 18:29:20:

My husband and I have moved 8 houses in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Andy who gave you advice may not be aware of many things involved. We just ended a 3 year law suit as the defendant and we lost in a house moving incident. We had insurance, the house mover had insurance on his truck and on his business and none of the insurance companies covered the loss of the house when it was sitting on the beams after it had been moved waiting for the foundation to be put under it. A snow storm came and because the house needed 3 beams instead of 2, the house literally collapsed. There is special house moving insurance that you or the house mover can obtain that covers the house while it is elevated on the beams on the property waiting for the foundation to be put under it. One of our house movers failed to obtain the proper city, county and state road permits and we were forced to “park” the house during the move. Oregon has rules against cities trying to stop houses from being relocated and renovated. But our city tried to stop us at first. Later they saw what we did with these houses and every one of them improved the neighborhood we moved them to because we entirely renovated them and blended them in with the neighborhoods. Some local building codes might have to be considered such as insulation being brought up to code (in our area not the walls though),gfi electric outlets added, smoke detectors wired instead of battery, etc. We made more money from moving a house than we ever did buying 21 units with no-money-down. We moved the houses also literally with no money of our own and all through a mortgage broker finding us a private investor (high interest). We bought property in the loan, partitioned the property, paid the house mover divided and sold off the parts we didn’t need, renovated, added room additions, etc. all in the loan. We even moved a brick house. The more involved we became the more we learned what to do and not to do. I ended up becoming the one to design the foundations to code, pull the permits for the placement of the house, obtain permits for moving the house on the road, etc. We only hired house movers with equipment to do the moving but we learned to control all other aspects. It can be done. Our first move, my husband had bid on two houses that our county wanted to demolish because they were in the way of a road. We demolished one and then the other one, a perfectly good house, someone asked us if we were going to move the house. I shockingly said “MOVE?!” that started my brain thinking. The house had to be off of the property within 3 weeks or we lost our $500 deposit. I am a real estate broker and started thinking fast and found a house mover (there weren’t any movers locally), the land and financing all within 3 weeks!! What a fun challenge that was. There is so much more I could tell you if you need more information let me know. Ginger Harris

Re: Moving a House! Need help! - Posted by Andy

Posted by Andy on October 29, 2000 at 17:33:59:

No Biggie!

Just hire a mover and check for the best pricing that’s it They’ll do the rest.

And…get on with your life