Motivated seller needs options!!! kinda long - Posted by TGurley

Posted by Tim (CT) on November 07, 2001 at 12:11:59:

How about calling some subcontractors in the area(preferrably someone who can handle the rest of the rehab work) and offer to sell it to them. You can get out of the house and they can get into an investment deal cheaply, fix up the remaining items and then sell for full market value. Or, maybe another investor that’s looking for rehabs. Put an ad in the paper stating you ‘want to sell’ and that you’re ‘motivated’. Trust me, you’ll get calls.

Good luck.

Motivated seller needs options!!! kinda long - Posted by TGurley

Posted by TGurley on November 07, 2001 at 24:02:18:

In a nutshell, my wife and I purchased a 3br 1ba fixer upper about 3yrs ago. When purchased, the previous owner was in the process of sub-standard “finishing” and I told him to hold everything and we would purchase as-is. We bought the house, and everything has gone pretty well over the past three years, except perhaps the reality of fixing up a house with limited income while living in the same house. Anyway, the house is mostly fixed up except for one end that used to be the carport, but was enclosed (still has naked concrete floor and power stubbed out ready to be hooked up)…Now the problem (so much for the nutshell :slight_smile: We would like to get out of this house and into another that just came onto the market. I don’t know how it is where you are, but here, It’s a buyer’s market. The house we’re in now is in the county so it will probably be a slow sell. The question is…What would be the best, quickest, safest, method to get us out of this house and into the other. PS, the other is being sold by a friend/former co-worker that took another job about 2hrs away, so I guess everybody is motivated.

Our house:
3br 1ba
1600 sq ft
2 acre lot
about 400 sq ft unfinished
Paid $55,000 3yrs ago, conventional mtg.

Sorry for long post.