Motivated operators looking for a partner for MHP Deals

Hi Investors,

My partner and I are park mobile home park owners and are looking for additional partners in future investment deals. We are actively involved in the space.

We put in the work end-to-end and split profits 50/50, our financial partner does no work, but helps to provide cash for down payment of the park. Our issue is that most of our capital is tied up in our park. We are trying to figure out ways to keep growing despite that.

We are ramping up our deal finding and marketing and looking for a partner to bring capital. We are seeking partners that might be interested in contributing capital (JV or I’m open to structure) to any deals we come across. If you’re interested I’ll add you and get to work on bringing some deals. I’d love to get a conversation going with anyone who is interested.

Feel free to reach out directly via email at

Thank you.


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It sounds like you’re in a great position with your park mobile home park and looking to expand your investment opportunities. One effective strategy could be to explore syndication or joint venture partnerships where investors provide capital in exchange for a share of the profits. Highlighting your hands-on experience and track record in deal finding and management can attract potential partners interested in passive investment opportunities. Networking within real estate investment circles or attending industry events could also help connect you with like-minded investors. Best of luck in finding the right partners to grow your portfolio