Mobile HOmes/ Land Packages Florida

Is anyone currently having success with buying mobile homes, marrying them to the land and selling the mobile home/land packages in florida

thanks for your input.


I believe Greg Meade had done quite a few of these but I am guessing that as 3rd party financing dried up so did the desire to do these deals. Owner financing is fine but if you are looking to cash out you may want to do a search and see what Greg’s experiences were. He had the entire set up as I recall with toters and crews in place.


Short-term HML is available

I’ve currently got such a loan personally (my buyer is in the property and making the payments on my loan) and I just talked to the lender who does make such short term, HMLs in WA & ID.

These are truly Hard Money high rate loans and for no more than 5 years but at least it’s a start.