Mobile Home Deals in San Diego - Posted by Elle

Posted by Sean on June 20, 2001 at 13:04:09:

Do you have details on how the lien process on mobile homes is handled in California? Is it similar to the vehicle process where there is an r/o and an l/o or more like houses with recorded encumbrances and a reconveyance process?

Mobile Home Deals in San Diego - Posted by Elle

Posted by Elle on June 19, 2001 at 20:18:54:

I’m hoping Ernest and Lonnie may be able to help me out. I recently purchased Lonnie’s books and tape set as well as Ernest’s manual. It’s all wonderful information and I want to get started in the business. Just wondered if you happen to have any students (or know of anyone in California-- especially San Diego) who are doing mobile home deals. As you know, our market is pretty high-priced and any regional input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Elle - Posted by Dirk Roach

Posted by Dirk Roach on June 20, 2001 at 11:13:24:

San Diego is a great market, in general the numbers are a little higher, but then so again are the profits. It’s all relative.
Anyhow I’m in the area here as well and have been for a few years. I love it. I have done a ton of deals out here, and there is room for all.
I would suggest the East county markets, El Cajon, Spring Valley, Santee, Lakeside etc.
Anyhow hope that helps,

Re: Hi Dirk - Posted by PeteH(NYS)

Posted by PeteH(NYS) on July 07, 2001 at 13:27:48:


could you please elaborate on your strategy for how you manage to “keep your investors happy”? I’ve seen you describe that as a key element of your CRE ventures but am not sure how the specifics would apply in your operation.

Specifically, on two Lonnie deal notes I funded for you last August, I have yet to receive a May or June payment. It’s now July. In fact, nine of your ten scheduled payments to me have been late, in two cases up to 60 days late. How do you plan to keep me happy?

Peter Heffernan

Re: Hi Elle - Posted by Jeff Bowden

Posted by Jeff Bowden on June 26, 2001 at 14:42:52:

Dirk, I’m out here in Lakeside…got any good tips on getting started?