mls listings - Posted by ann

Posted by Steve-DC on March 14, 2002 at 12:16:43:


Here in DC, we have a similar website called “Homes Database”. A lot of the realtors in the area steer people toward it, claiming that it’s the same information they use.

Well, that’s true and not true. Here, you won’t find any information other than basics about the house, what it looks like (sometimes) and possibly a listing agent’s contact information. As well, here, we can only see active listings. Properties that have sold or are under contract, expired, etc. are not available.

I don’t know about Houston, but I know for a fact that the MLS here has TONS more information than the consumer database.

It is a good place to start however, if you don’t have any access to listings. I’ve found that talking to realtors is easier. They give you more information and will send you listings.


mls listings - Posted by ann

Posted by ann on March 13, 2002 at 16:48:57:

In searching the internet for real estate resources, I came across many websites for my city, Houston, that allow you to search the mls for free. This strikes me as peculiar, since everything on real estate investing I’ve read indicates that you have to get a realtor to look up this info for you.

Anyone have any thoughts? One such website is (which is the site for the Houston Assoc. of Realtors).