MLS listings and how to get them - Posted by Anthony(FLA)

Posted by Ed Copp (OH) on July 01, 2001 at 19:17:45:

out of bandit signs. I just ordered another order of bandit signs with my company name printed right on the sign. Now I am in Ohio and state law requires me to identify my company in our advertising, so we did that, and now I must be careful where I put them because the state law says that I must have permission from the property owner to put a sign there. I can work with that. First stop the properties that I own. Next step I have to actually stop and talk to people (immagine that). Would it be O.K. with you if I put a sign like this on your property? Surprising what you can find out if you get into a conversation. I also ask do you have any property to sell? Do you know someone who does? Do you know anybody who would like to sell real estate (for my company)?

The name recognition alone is very valuable to me…ED COPP, he is the guy who buys houses, isn’t he? Now if I can not buy at a reasonable price, I can offer to list the property, giving me another opportunity for profit, for the duration of the listing.

As for the higher standard, I will put my company name on the sign. I am looking to buy houses (no secret). Perhaps my name will be easier to remember than several phone numbers.

MLS listings and how to get them - Posted by Anthony(FLA)

Posted by Anthony(FLA) on July 01, 2001 at 11:01:33:

My question is this: you have to be a realtor to get access to the MLS right? So does this mean that you have to be an agent or a broker? Do you have to be a member of the National Assocation of Realtors? If that is the case, then do you have to be employed by a company or can you access them by yourself? Also, the required courses, can you take them anywhere or do you have to take them from a real estate brokerage company?

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Posted by An-D(MN) on July 02, 2001 at 05:59:02:

I haven’t tried it, but a realtor lady I know told me that the mls is available to everyone as of about two weeks ago. I haven’t tried the above url, the Minnesota regional one is
I hope it helps. Andy.

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Posted by Ed Copp (OH) on July 01, 2001 at 13:43:56:

would make life a little easier.

First question…NO.

Second question, is a moot point since the answer to the first question is No, the answer to the second question is also…NO

Question number three should be asked to that organization.

Next question…NO.

And about required courses (if any). You can take them wherever they are available…This is America, Happy 4th.

Now let me clarify a bit. The MLS services are generally available to Realtors, and affiliates. The affiliates include lenders who in some areas may be able to participate with an associated membership in thier local board of Realtors (might also take some education to become a lender).

Realtors are a group ( an organization, a club if you prefer) THEY ARE NOT A LAW MAKING BODY. They do however mediate disputes and assist the courts and the law making bodies from time to time. They (the club members) are sometimes considered to be experts in thier field.

Now you have an interest in acquiting the MLS service, which you are not entitled to right now. Why escapes me, but you probably have your reasons. I would suggest that you become a Realtor, and since you are obviously not a lender then you will need to go to school (wherever you wnat), take the test and if you pass it you can then associate with a broker who is also a Realtor; then you can have assess to the MLS. One more thing, MLS is not free someone will have to pay for it, so bring your checkbook.

Lets see you will need some money for the education $$$, the test $$$, the membership in the culb (Realtor) $$$, Your state issued license $$$, and of course the MLS itself $$$.

Or you can try to get it for free, GOOD LUCK.

As a long time broker I would reccomend getting your license, and working with a creative agency. They do exist. You would learn what the laws are, and where they come from; and also how this business works. I continually see posts that say “I need a mentor”. So associate with a broker who knows his stuff, and you will have one.

I did not understand clearly just why you want the MLS to start with. If it is to track expired listings this might be O.K. If however you are looking for deals in new listings, it works this way. As a listing realtor I get a new listing, then I expose it to my personal buyers list (often selling the listing to one of my own buyers). Then if I do not sell it that way I will take it into the office, and make sure that everyone in the office gets a copy (so they can show thier buyers). Then if there are no sales we will send the listing to the MLS. This costs us some money going in so we try to sell first if possible.

Now if it’s is a good deal, it is probably sold without going to MLS. If it’s average or overpriced. look for it on the almighty MLS…

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Posted by Alex on July 01, 2001 at 12:59:10:

Well, as an investor, I would never recommend you become a Realtor. It is a waste of time and money, and you are so restricted to your creativeness, always governed by the boards. Many Realtors will tell you the same thing. If you want MLS, try to associate yourself and get to know some Realtor’s. After they know you well enough, they may give you access, but keep in mind it is very illegal for them to do so, so you have to know them well, and most likely pay for your use.

Good Luck.

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Posted by Jeremy Fl on July 02, 2001 at 06:37:32:

Ed- I always thought when a broker lists a property that they were legally obliged to post it on the MLS and to present all offers? I could be wrong or maybe just confusing some of the laws and ethics in RE.

Re: One question at a time - Posted by Anthony(FLA)

Posted by Anthony(FLA) on July 01, 2001 at 15:25:36:

Well, I would want access for several reasons. In Steve Cook’s course he says he uses the MLS regularly. And it seems almost every thing that I read says it’s hard to get a realtor to work with an investor, now I?m about to move and I haven’t even called any realtor’s in my area yet, but I wanted to know what I could do if I couldn’t find a realtor to help me. I didn’t know that realtors had to pay to put listings on the MLS and subsequently try to market them to their coworkers and such. I thought that once a listing was acquired that it was automatically placed on the MLS. Also when I do get more experience in investing I won’t need the hand holding that realtors do with their clients, pretty much I would just need the marketing power that they have. It seems that most of the properties sold through realtors are sold on the MLS, in Bill Bronchik’s flipping course he says that all they pretty much do is list it on the MLS and that?s about it, not taking in consideration of the other services, such as offers and counter offers and escrow knowledge that realtors provide. I within a few closings would be able to do this myself, so the only thing I would need would be marketing. Do you think a realtor would be willing to cut his or her commission with the knowledge that the only thing they would have to do is list it? I’m not sure they would so I figured it would be beneficial for me to have my license. Now I don’t know about the restrictions that a licenses would place on investing, I would have to check that out before hand. Basically I?m not wanting to do anything sneaky or underhanded, I just want to make sure that I have all the tools necessary to be successful in my investing career. Anyways, I hope this clears up my wanting info about the MLS.

“to be or not to be” a realtor? - Posted by michelle

Posted by michelle on July 01, 2001 at 15:03:41:

Alex…why do you not recommend an investor be a realtor? In what way are you restricted in your creativeness? I just ask because I thought becoming a realtor would be an asset in this business and would welcome hearing alternate points of view. Thanks for your input…anyone else want to share their viewpoint on “to be or not to be” a realtor?

Re: You are wrong - Posted by Ed Copp (OH)

Posted by Ed Copp (OH) on July 02, 2001 at 11:23:40:

The MLS is a service that is offered by Realtor groups. The membership in a Realtor group is NOT required by law. It(Realtors) is a private club, has nothing to do with the law, and a broker can join if they wish or NOT.

Now think about this, the MLS is not available everywhere. In some rural areas they never heard of it and likely never will.

Please save yourself a lot of greif. Do not confuse Realtors regulations with the law. The Realtors rules apply only to thier members, and membership is not required BY LAW.

Now the part about the broker (not necessarily a Realtor) presenting all offers to the seller is generally true. Unless of course there is an exception in writing, which is often the case.

Re: “to be or not to be” a realtor? - Posted by Alex

Posted by Alex on July 02, 2001 at 19:31:19:

Well, I suppose taking the courses would not hurt, but taking the exam would. See, the realty board(at least in my city) fine you for every little thing you do, in addition to this, you have to disclose every little detail about any property and you are watched carefully when you are acting as the vendor or purchasor. Almost any court action, would be not in your favor, as you are the realtor, and are supposed to know better. Also most (85%) of the clients I deal with, don’t like realtor’s, they are labeled as used car salesmen. These are just a few examples. I know several realtors who have been licensed for 20-30 years and have now given up their license. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against realtor’s, infact, I deal with many on a regular basis, but most of them regret being in that position. I would recommend you contact a realtor in your neighbourhood, one that seems to use creative financing techniques, and ask his or her opinion.

Best Of Luck!!

Re: “to be or not to be” a realtor? - Posted by Travis (Dallas)

Posted by Travis (Dallas) on July 01, 2001 at 16:36:36:

If you have a career objective to make money selling houses as a REALTOR, then get a license… Or if you just want the knowledge and access to the MLS…But, you have to pay for licenses & dues & MLS fees…
If you just want to be a real estate investor, then I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d take the courses recommended on this site & join your local REI association.
As a REALTOR, when you advertise you have to tell everyone that you have a license & the public & the law hold you to a higher standard. If you put a BanditSign up, you are supposed to advertise on the sign that you are a REALTOR. Then the local “neighborhood police” will turn you in to the Board Of REALTORS and the State for breaking the local sign ordinances, etc…So you “can’t” do this as a REALTOR.
Good luck.