MISSOURI dealer licensure, etc.??? - Posted by Jill in MO

Posted by Steve W (WA) on September 01, 2002 at 23:08:58:

Just got back from a research trip in my hometown - Sedalia - and here’s what I found out:

$55 to incorporate, no dealer reqmt that I could find, and $11 for a title transfer, no transfer tax.

Geez it’s cheap there.

Read Lonnie’s post about Charlie:


You may find a new perspective.

MISSOURI dealer licensure, etc.??? - Posted by Jill in MO

Posted by Jill in MO on September 01, 2002 at 18:52:05:

Just got my DOW tape set and I’m almost finished listening to them. Thought I’d better do some research to see how this would work in my state.

I’m in Missouri and I’ve just spend a considerable amount of time online searching through official Missouri web sites to see if I will be required to get any sort of dealer license. So far I don’t see any mention of a dealer license for selling mobile homes. I do, however, find info that refers to strict dealer licensure for people for:

“boat dealer, boat manufacturer, motor vehicle dealer, motor vehicle manufacturer, public motor vehicle auction, or wholesale motor vehicle auction”

Lonnie mentioned in the tapes that mobile homes have titles like cars, which makes me wonder if mobile homes would fall into the category of “motor vehicle” for the purposes of the state of MO.

While I was on their official site I did a search for the words “mobile home” and the search came up with nothing. Thought if there were specifics for MH, it would pop up. No luck.

Is there anyone out there in Missouri who has already plowed through their rules and could point me in the right direction? Last time I called the city and county offices to get a business license for a little homebased business, I was given the run-around, told wrong information, conflicting information from 2 people in the same office, and it was such a mess. What is it they say – the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

State seal affixed to mobile homes? - Posted by Jill in MO

Posted by Jill in MO on September 01, 2002 at 19:06:44:

Just found something interesting in the online Missouri Rules of Dept. of Economic Development under pre-owned manufactured homes. Here is the link:


Of course it’s very long and full of hard-to-understand language.

“No pre-owned mobile home which entered the first stage of production after Jan. 1, 1974 shall be rented, leased or sold or offered for rent, lease or sale in this state unless a seal or approved insignia is properly affixed to it.”

Then a few pages later it goes into detail about the director’s rights to inspect the dealer’s books.

What’s up with all this?

Can’t I just buy and sell here and there, or do I have to jump through their hoops and play their little reindeer games?