Michael Carbonare...PLEASE contact Newbie! - Posted by Barb_Al

Posted by Matt PA on July 08, 2002 at 10:41:28:

Barb, contact me via email I can get you the needed info as I’m sure Mike won’t mind. Please…Barb ONLY!! - Matt

Michael Carbonare…PLEASE contact Newbie! - Posted by Barb_Al

Posted by Barb_Al on July 08, 2002 at 04:36:08:

Hi Michael,

In my excitement upon receiving your email the other day, I somehow lost it or deleted it, I just couldn’t find it later that day when I was going to respond back to you.

I don’t have your ‘contact info’, email address, phone number and best time to try and reach you, as well as, where do you live?

Please send necessary info ASAP, will be anxiously awaiting.
I have tried to search the posts for your name, haven’t been able to find it, then it finally struck me…dudaaa
why not contact you in this manner?

Appears my ‘Posts’ have been removed from the forum, can’t understand why, I see ‘posts’ here all the time seeking the same type info/help as I was seeking?

Please let me hear from you again, ASAP!

Best of LUCK!!!