MH dealership license in Oregon - Posted by vc

Posted by Jason on June 04, 2001 at 13:51:59:

Well, sorry, buy I do not have the answers to your questions. I am new to this business. I live near the Portland area, and I would love the opportunity to discuss the business with someone else who is in it.

Give me an email, if you are open to this.


MH dealership license in Oregon - Posted by vc

Posted by vc on May 30, 2001 at 16:24:55:

I am thinking about applying for a dealership license for buying/selling used mobile home in Portland, Oregon. As I was filling out the application, there is a line for main business location which seems to be required to get approval from local city or county. I was confused because I plan to do paperworks from home, but the future MH will be in a park where I shall do buying/selling and meeting people.

I talked to a DMV license unit clerk who said that I must fill out a supplement form to get a supplement licence ($90.00) in each park I do buying/selling MH. I must get a license for that park location in that county before I buy a home in that location and then resell it.

I felt so discouraged because I don’t even know which park I would buy a MH and if I do want to buy a MH in a park using the business name I have to have a license to do business in that county/city first, according to that clerk said. I probably would lose the deal before I get the license.

Have anyone from Oregon encounter that? How do you resolve this licensing nightmare? Do you think the clerk was wrong about licensing in every park I conduct business in? Any input would be appreciated.

In second thought, I think the clerk meant I don’t have a commercial store front office as primary location. With the first location as my home office, each park would be my additional new business location. What do you think? Any altnative solutions so that I can do some Lonnie deals? Thanks