Mentors and buying my first property. - Posted by Chuck Alan

Posted by Howard B. B on October 27, 2000 at 21:08:59:

Just do it!

Don’t procrastinate any longer! You need to get out and make offers. You’ll never buy a house just clicking around this board. It’s ok to check in every now and again but you need to be out in the trenches doing deals!

Remember: It’s better to do something than nothing at all.


Mentors and buying my first property. - Posted by Chuck Alan

Posted by Chuck Alan on October 27, 2000 at 20:20:17:

Hello everyone, I realize this will sound strange, but all of my life I have wanted to buy and sell real estate. I’ve never had anyone say anything positive to me about it. Most people thought I was nuts. Still its my dream. Im 36 years old and would like to get out of my 9-5 desk job which pays next to nothing. I dont have anything to put down, ( other than a few hundred or so if need be). I would enjoy meeting some one who has succeeded. Meet in person, or converse via the internet. I would like to attend some courses and such. I already own a home, but my goal and dream is to buy and sell. I guess Im looking for a positive influence in my life. Is anyone out there?

Re: Mentors and buying my first property. - Posted by Ray

Posted by Ray on October 28, 2000 at 15:52:42:

Hi Chuck,
I too have had the same dreams, forever, just as you have. I guess I always succumbed to the negative influence of “friends and relatives”,(just like most people who do not try to achieve their dreams) while secretly watching Carleton Sheets late at night and saying to myself “Why couldn’t I do that?” and hearing my relatives and friends voices in my head answering me “because you’re a loser” “it doesn’t work or I would’ve done it myself” “they’re just trying to scam you”. After 14 years of that, I quit my job and started learning the ropes of REI.
After 2 1/2 years in a bad R.E. partnership I’m worse off now than when I started, except for one thing. I have the knowledge, experience and the confidence to start from where I’m at and be successful. I know this just as sure as I know the sun will rise tomorrow. While I don’t know all there is to know, I know enough to be successful and I know enough to know I need to learn more. I would not have the confidence I have now if I hadn’t made the decision to tune out the negative influences and just Do It.
My first suggestion would be to go out and buy a little paperback book titled “Think and Grow Rich”. It will help you understand how to reach your goals and dreams. Its only 250 pages long and won’t take long to read the first time. I say the first time because you’ll want to read it many times. I am currently re-reading it, in fact the copy I’m reading was revised in 1963, it is well worn and is broken into several different pieces.
I also agree with Fred and Howard. You should start right NOW! you may say “but I don’t know where to start” and the answer to that is “start right where you’re at” Look at your situation and where you’re at right now, then think about your dreams, where you want to be, and ask yourself “How do I get to …there…from here?” think about it and your common sense logic will tell you what you need to do. i.e.- if you want to be a real estate investor in your town, what do you need to do? Well simply put, you need to learn how to be a real estate investor in your town! From that statement you know you need to learn two things; 1)how to be a real estate investor and 2)how to do it in your town. Back to # 1, how do I learn how to be a real estate investor? Joe Blow says I should buy this guy’s course, but I’ve never heard of him. Billy-Bob says this guy over here is better, but I’ve never heard of him either, I want to learn from someone who I’ve heard of, someone who’s been around for a while. And then it hits you! Hey, that guy on TV has been around forever, he must know something or he wouldn’t still be around. Besides, he’s outlasted all the other guys.(if you’ve been dreaming of this for a while, I know you’ve seen or heard of Carleton Sheets. He isn’t the whole answer, but he’s a start)So there is your answer to #1, now to question #2. How do I learn to be a real estate investor in my town? Let’s see, Carleton is going to teach me to be a real estate investor so I need to learn about real estate in my town. Maybe I need to talk to a real estate agent? yeah, an agent will be able to tell me about real estate in my town! Wait a minute, I’m gonna need to talk to some investors in my town as well! yeah, I need to find some investors. Hmmm, where can I find some investors, first I’ll look in the phone book, yeah, and if they’re not in there, then what? well, they must have properties for sale! they gotta be in the paper, yeah, I’ll check the classified section, I’m sure I’ll find some there.
And there you have it, in a nut shell. or you may prefer to put it like this. “And there you have it, FROM a nut shell.” in which case, I don’t really care because negative thoughts no longer have a home in my brain, that’s right, all you’ll see there now is a “Space for Rent or Lease w/Option to Buy” sign.

Just one last thing,
Stop Dreaming and Start Doing
Happy Investing

Re: Mentors and buying my first property. - Posted by Fred

Posted by Fred on October 28, 2000 at 13:53:11:

You need to start with a course or two so that you will have some direction to go on.There are three good teachers that I have and continue to learn from.These guys will give you the A-Z in getting started in distress realestate.There websites are,,and Legrand has a book that you can buy.Good luck.