Marketing to Motivated Sellers - Posted by rehabber7

Posted by Clint on February 20, 2006 at 17:53:01:

Talk to them anyway! Make a tickler file, call them back every six weeks, they can become motivated.

Here’s my pitch to those persons:

“Ms./Mr. Jones, I appreciate your call, and I wondered if you could tell me about your house?” bedrooms? baths? central heating and air? Oh, Mr/Ms Jones, can I get your phone number in case we get disconnected? Great.
Now, mr./ms jones, you’ve told me about your property, but I wondered when was a great time for me to come look at it?

My process: Well, Mr/Ms Jones, I inspect your house, and makes notes of the square footage, the condition, the neighborhood, the landscape, the overall well being of the house. If it fits our business model, I make a cash offer within 24 hours of the inspection.

Now at the inspection is a great time to discover their motivation: talk to them about why they are wanting to dump the house?

Sometimes you can get their motivation over the phone; They’ll say, just make me an offer. To which I reply, Mr. Ms. Jones, I haven’t seen your house, but I am going to make an offer so low, it’ll make you laugh. Mr. Jones, right now, even though I haven’t seen the property, I will give you, sight unseen, $5,0000 dollars.
Mr. Jones, I know you have a figure in your mind of what your property is worth. Here’s the deal, I am in the business of buying wholesale, and rehabbing houses. If you are interested in retail, I’d be happy to pay that if the house justifies it, but it will be on terms. And here are the terms: and make your terms their idea.

Follow up with the rejects, success will come.

Marketing to Motivated Sellers - Posted by rehabber7

Posted by rehabber7 on February 20, 2006 at 14:02:16:

So far I have only bought listed houses (with the exception of one bought at auction). I want to start a marketing blitz in hopes of getting more and better deals. I may get a magnetic sign for my truck, do bandit signs, place adds, etc. Most that I have seen just say “We buy houses” or something similar. Seems like the phone would ring off the hook with non-motivated sellers. Even worse, idiots calling who think their house is worth $10K more than it actuall is. How do I weed out the non-motivated. Should I set up a voice-mail that explains in greater detail what I am doing (i.e. please only leave a message if you will accept a discount offer). Any advice would be appreciated. I don’t want to spend several hours a week talking with people who want retail for their house.