Marketing for MH sellers/buyers - Posted by Kay Young

Posted by Tony Colella on December 17, 2005 at 14:15:13:

I do not believe that trailer parks have cornered the market of “drama queens.” In fact I find that this personality trait is common amongst all income levels (despite what the Jerry Springer type shows might lead you to believe).

Like any prospective buyer or tenant. We must screen for the best income and rental history prospect we can. If they fail to perform after careful screening we work to move them out.

This is one reason, as a landlord, that I stick with month to month rental contracts. In most cases the good folks stay for years. The bad folks get my “sorry this isn’t working out” speach. Essentially I just explain that it appears that no matter what happens they are not going to be happy in this property and to save them them from their frustrations, I will let them out of the lease next month and be by at month’s end to collect the keys.

Drama’s stop when the audience leaves.


Marketing for MH sellers/buyers - Posted by Kay Young

Posted by Kay Young on December 17, 2005 at 14:07:30:

Due to my severe distain for “drama queens” I have purposely stayed away from investing in MH’s. Yes, I realize my drama queen assessment is a generalization and that not every MH owner fits that description. It has just been my experience.

I have been thinking about investing in mobile homes again and I have 2 questions.

  1. Has it also been your experience that MH owners are a tad on the dramatic side?

  2. Is there anything you can do from a marketing standpoint to attract the less dramatic variety? (Both on the buy side and the sell side.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Kay Young -