Lucrative Offer for a willing investor


I am a new investor with no deals done yet. I have been working hard on this deal for 3 months and I am close. It was slated to be funded twice, but both lenders added unreasonable language to the deal. I have been scammed, lied to, chased the cheese deal around the maze for way too long because I am new and have no Capital.

Now I am down to the wire and have an investor looking to come in and buy it out from me, but that is not what I want. If I have to, I will, but here is what I will do for the right investor.

Price: $1,025,000
Loan: $1,085,000
Down Payment: $300,000
Lease per Month $12,250 plus 3% increase annually

I need the down payment and I will give you 15% for 120 months against the $300,000 and once the down payment is repaid I will pay you a 10% equity partnership backed by real property starting when the down payment is paid to perpetuity. That means you will get the down payment repaid over 10 years at 15% interest and then continue to earn 10% of the net forever or until I sell.

If by some chance I sell out 8 years from now, you will still get all 10 years of interest on the $300,000 plus 10% of the sale price at close. You do NOT earn 15% plus the 10% together, just pointing that out. The 10% return stats as soon as the $300,000 is paid off.