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First, not all REI are lucrative. Anyone with experience and being honest will tell you of at least one mistake they have made. The good news is that you learn from it and, trust me, you will not do it again.

Having said that, I think the important part is to have a CLEAR SET OF GOALS. What do you want to accomplish from REI? A regular income or lump sums of cash at discrete points in time. How much time to do you have? This will indicate rehabbing, fixer-uppers, or just buying and collecting rents (in theory). What are your talents? How much time do you want to spend (versus how much time you have)? What are your other financial obligations? Do you need a regular job for a while? What does your balance sheet look like? Are you invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401(k), etc…all this dictates what is lucrative.

If I knew the most lucrative REI, I would quit looking at everything else and focus just on that – whatever it would be.

Hope that helps.


lucrative investments - Posted by AL_AZ

Posted by AL_AZ on July 20, 2003 at 13:22:42:

I have just got done reading multiple real estate investment books and many of the articles on here and i had a question that i was hoping some people could answer… i know all aspects of REI are lucrative but in general which way is the best/easiest(i know easiest is not the best term to use but ya know…) way to go about a new real estate investing career i am somewhat boggled when it comes to which aspect to get into…

Albert Jaskowitz
Phoenix, Arizona

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The best way is the way that you like the best. I think you have not yet read my post for beginners. If you put “beginners success” into the search function of this main board of this CREONLINE.COM website, you will find an earlier version. Still good, in my view. But I am somewhat biased, being the author.

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Start out with something that you feel comfortable with. In my opinion that would be SFHs or multiplexes such as a duplex. My very first investment was a duplex and it worked out great ever since. I’m now looking to get into something bigger (apartment complexes). If you don’t know what to start out with after reading all those books by now, I would say start out with a SFH or duplex.

Good luck,

Alex F. (CA)