Looking: Which course do you recommend - Posted by Steve

Posted by Bruce on January 20, 2001 at 10:04:19:

I could not agree more. “No one course is a “do-all” course…and “motivation and drive” will determine how far you get”.

Bruce…formerly known as “Mac” 122nd Signal battalion, Camp Casey Korea. 72Echo Class of 78.

Looking: Which course do you recommend - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on January 17, 2001 at 07:55:54:

I have recently become debt free after about 3 years and am no longer satisfied with my pay from my present employer (U.S. Army). I have mapped out goals for retirement, overhauled our budget and started to invest in IRAs for me and the wife; opened mutual funds & contribute monthly. After reading ?Rich Dad, Poor Dad? and other books I have noticed that real estate often played a big part in peoples success. I have personally seen coworkers who have purchased rental properties (with conventional loans) that provide passive income and that is what I want, Passive Income. My experience with real estate is almost nil (I bought a house with a VA loan and signed where the Realtor told me to sign), OK, it is nil. Anyway, my questions are in reference to real estate courses. I am looking for a course that covers the basics of REI in an easy to understand format; conventional as well as low money down deals; explanation of terms in everyday language is a must. Would also like info on rental agreements, tips, management, etc. I will most likely have to rely on a property management company (since I am currently in Korea for the next 6 months and the army tends to move me around). It would really help to add your comments & experiences. If any of you have been in the military or have rentals in differ states, your thoughts would also help. I have read the posts on Sheets, LeGrand and others, but I have no clue as to who is the best for my situation. I am hoping to get a course and use my remaining time in Korea to study and prepare. I have seen enough posts to see that many of you are making money so I won?t even ask that question :slight_smile: Thanks for listening.

P.S. Kudos on the site!

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Posted by Troy W. (NC) on January 18, 2001 at 22:09:24:

Steve, I’m currently in the Air Force stationed at Pope AFB NC, right next to Ft. Bragg.

I had Carlton Sheets and he is a good foundation, but I just recently bought Ron Legrand’s course and even though it’s a little more costly he has open up my eyes to more things in RE.

I guest the difference between the two is Sheets wants you to build up resources for credit, ex:banks,credit cards etc,etc. Now Legrand is telling how to not go through banks and put stuff on your credit report that could haunt you later on. But in the end you half to decide.

But it is a great idea if you get something with your time remaining in Korea and study it as much as you can so that when you do come back to the “world” you can hit the ground running.

The other good thing about Legrand is that you can use it anywhere because you are not tying yourself into these houses as you would if you went with the Sheets program.

Legrand’s web site: sdiwealthinstitute.com

Sheet’s web site: carletonsheets.com


P.S. How is the So-Ju??? hahahahaha

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Posted by Linda wright on January 18, 2001 at 10:53:30:

Steve I was reading your letter and my question was as yours would be. (Who is the best. And which plan will generate the most money.) So instead of writing the same thing and taking up space someone elce could use. Could I just ask you for a copy of what you recieve. Thank You Linda

Re: Looking: Which course do you recommend - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on January 18, 2001 at 21:09:46:

I have gotten 2 emails from my post. One was basically an advertisement, didn’t help too much. The second gave me a site that provided some great info on REI. As far as courses go, read the all the posts here and the archives; that gave me a decent idea of Sheets, LeGrand, etc. I believe that no one course is the answer as a continual education is required to suceed in anything. So far, I am getting the Carlton Sheets progam as a foundation and go from there. Even if I only use it once, it will pay off in the end. I even think I could do a deal just with the information that I have read off this board. Depends on your motivation and drive. Here is the site with real estate investing:
(Thanks Jack for the Awesome Info!!!)
Hope this helps you out Linda,

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Posted by Jack on January 20, 2001 at 11:36:03:

Hello Steve :slight_smile:

It was my pleasure friend. I wish you a successful career! —Jack