Looking to network. PML

Hello room and thank you for approving my request to join. Don Enrique, based out of Los Angeles, CA. I am in the private money lending field and bring my more than 30+ in the mortgage space, mostly as a contract underwriter in hard and conventional loans. Offering short-terms fix & flip financing to the NON-seasoned real estate agents and home improvement people looking to level up. Our lending criteria does not require two-year financials history nor FICO score. Currently we lend in the yellow-colored states (shown on map). Please feel free to email me at privatemoneylender@email.com. I also offer at no cost to help anyone with a closing issue, simply posted them at privatemoneylender.website, Again, thank you and look forward to networking.

im a real estate investor recently certified and wanting to buy my first home in corsicana tx do you lend here.

Good morning, What map are your referring to because there is no map in your post. I am real estate flipper in Atlanta Ga. I am always can use another source for GAP lender. Please let me know is you fund GA and what is the best way to reach you.

Thank you