Looking to buy a MH in So. CA as temp housing.... - Posted by JBond Cali

Posted by JBond Cali on December 20, 2004 at 21:33:44:

I am looking to buy a used mfg. home in the Santa Clarita CA area, or at least LA County, on a lot. A GC buddy of mine is helping me build our dream home but we’ll need a post '76 mh on a lot we can live in for a while that can then be moved onto our land once it’s developed. My credit is pretty poor after my wife’s recent health issues that caused to her to have quit working… middle FICO is now 525. I have verifiable income at $95K a year. This is our last month renting so we need to move really soon. Unfortunately, we will only have about $2000 or so for downpayment since most of our money is tied up. We’d love to find a decent 3 bedroom in a family park for under 50K if possible… we’ve already found some near misses. If anyone is looking for a buyer or can point me in the direction of a lender who look at us it would be greatly appreciated.