Looking to be the Student - Posted by Jamie, CA

Posted by Jamie, CA on December 24, 2005 at 24:19:22:

Hi, I am new to REI. I live on the Central Coast of CA, although I do spend alot of time each month in Encino, CA. Approximatly 10 or more days a month. I have been studying alot, taken a few courses, and have a history in conventional lending. I have my DRE license, although I am not sure whether I will keep it.

I need a mentor, someone that will take me under their wing. All my education has been self taught and I need to take the next step. I am open minded, a good listener, extremly motivated, have a positive attitude and am very much a people person. The house that I live in now, I bought out of probate and made out well with the equity at closing. So I know it is possible. Please if you are out there and are willing to take a chance let me know. Have a great holiday. Jamie