Looking for REI club ideas - Posted by Tracie-WI

Posted by ben on February 07, 2003 at 13:00:38:

check out our club site at
We post the agenda for each meeting right there on the main page.
We’re pretty big–I want to say north of 400 members.
We tend to get “main” speakers at the end of the night who educate, do Q&A, and are selling something–mentoring, beating the IRS, “how to…”, etc–have a service or course, but also have a message and something to offer for free.

Looking for REI club ideas - Posted by Tracie-WI

Posted by Tracie-WI on February 07, 2003 at 12:49:41:

We have a newer club (Greater Milwaukee REI) that is picking up momentum. We started meeting at a restaurant with just a few people coming last spring. Now we have moved to a VFW meeting room and have 20-30 people coming. Right now it’s pretty much just an open forum lasting a couple hours. So far this seems to be working well, but it would be nice to hear how other clubs are running things. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Feel free to email me.

Re: Looking for REI club ideas - Posted by Tim Fierro (Tacoma, WA)

Posted by Tim Fierro (Tacoma, WA) on February 07, 2003 at 13:23:49:

You can check out http://www.piercecountyinvestors.com for some basics of how our group is run. We also post the agenda and topics as well as the directions and menu for breakfast. I usually try to get a speaker, local, every other month to talk about something. Last meeting was our 1 year anniversary so I held it as an open forum for everyone get network more than our last hour as normal. The club is really about networking with other local investors so that is the theme in the last hour.

In the past 2 months, I have been getting calls from ‘tour speakers’ (never heard of these people) who are wanting to speak to our group. However there has been no follow-up from them. I think it could be that we only have about 70 people in the club with average turnout about 35-40 people. This may not be enough people to speak to when trying to sell products. :slight_smile:

This last meeting I asked the club members and those in attendence what types of topics they want to hear about for the coming year and it seemed as though most were wanting to hear from others about deals and the processes involved. So that will be what I will search out this year for topics and guest speakers.