Looking for Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent in the Sacramento Area

I am looking for an investor friendly Real Estate Agent in the Sacramento area. Any recommendations?

“Friendly” Realtors

All Realtors put on the “friendly” face and act like they’re honest and you can trust them and their advice. Don’t ever believe that for a minute - they’re mostly crooks!! I’ve dealt with thousands of Realtors over decades and I can count about 5 that I would trust as being truly honest and not liars and thieves. Sorry but that’s reality when you’re dealing with money.

They’re a necessary evil when you’re looking to buy real estate but just be careful and realize that the realtor represents the SELLER, not you the buyer. They have a legal responsiblity to get the best deal for the seller - not the buyer (but they screw the seller’s just as much as the buyer’s). They get a commission if they deals close so don’t ever use a home inspector, appraiser or contractor recommended by a realtor who get a commission on the deal if you buy it.

I am in the Sacramento/Placer county area. How can I help??

Comm’l Agent

FYI, all commercial specializing REAs deal exclusively with investors, not home buyers or sellers so the comm’l REA is one you want.

why realtors have such a bad reputation?

I don’t think RE agents possibly could be, liars and misrepresent intantionally.
Being a realtor myself, I often have a bad taste dealing with a “cooperating” agent. I would suggest to avoid the following categories: agents that don’t communicate with you on a regualar basis and don’t keep you updated on the deal progress/changes; agents what are not willing to cooperate; agents what would not advice you on the better financing, and agents what would show you properties what would not meet your budget, goals and expectations. And of course agents what ignore you, and don’t return your phone calls right away. You need to feel that you are a vital part of their business and always should be treated as VIP. If you call a listing agent, of course, he is representing a seller, so get your own buyer’s representation, which don’t have obligation to the seller.