Lonnie is right ... - Posted by Jason-DTX

Posted by Jason-DTX on November 04, 1998 at 22:11:18:

Ask and thou shall receive!

I just bought a house that the sellers had lowered their price from $49,500 to $45,000 and when they called me it was down to $32,000. It is an older house but has $100K plus homes being built all around it, even next door. That made the comps range from $50 -$120 on brick houses. There weren’t any frame houses comps. The sellers told me the tax value was $54K. I offered 25K, they rejected and said they had another one for $28. I called them back an hour later and asked if the $28K offer was that guys top offer. They said yes so I offered $29 and faxed them a contract. The house didn’t need hardly any repairs, they just needed cash. After they signed my contract I found out that the tax value was only $41K. I had my private lender look at the house 2 days before closing since the tax value was off so much. He liked the house and thought we had it for a good price. I called the sellers the day before closing asking about the tax value difference they gave me and the actual