"lonnie deals" - Posted by darrell

Posted by Rev. Jimmy Mack on December 24, 1998 at 20:34:05:

I recently bought both books. Using his principles I made a Lonnie deal. Paid $7.500 for the unit, using money I borrowed from a friend at 18% - 60 months at $192.99. I sold it for $13,300 - $400 down - $299 for 60 months. I have over $100 a month coming in for 60 months and didn’t put a penny of my own money in the deal. Not bad. I would like to make about 20 of those deals. Thanks to Lonnie!

“lonnie deals” - Posted by darrell

Posted by darrell on December 19, 1998 at 21:25:48:

i am interested in “lonnie deals” and i am about to purchase something of his to help me. i am wondering what the difference between the two books, which cost about $45, and the home study course, which costs about $140, is. if anyone has any experience with these materials i would appreciate some input. thanks you and happy holidays to all.